OTA Solgryn finvalsede

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OTA Solgryn finely rolled is available in variant 700 grams.

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The finely rolled sunflowers from OTA are cored roasted and can be eaten directly from the package with added milk, or in a muesli. There are endless delicious options with OTA Solgryn, which you and your family should not miss.

The nutritious sunshine is the one everyone likes. They work on the breakfast table, in bun dough and in cakes. OTA Solgryn is the start of a good start. You can find recipes where the sunshine is included, so your cooking will be even better and now also easier. You can find all the recipes right here!

OTA Solgryn has the Keyhole label, which is the Nordic nutrition label that sets requirements for the content of fat, sugar, dietary fiber and salt. The products that are labelled with the Keyhole label must contain a lower content of fat, sugar and salt. Of course, OTA Solgryn lives up to this!

Nutritional information & storage

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Nutritional information Per 100 grams Per serving (40 grams)
Energy 1566 kJ (374 kcal) 626 kJ (150 kcal)


– of which saturated fat

7.0 grams

1.3 grams

2.8 grams

0.5 grams


– of which sugars

59 grams

0.7 grams

23 grams

0.3 grams

Dietary fiber 10 grams 4.0 grams
Protein 14 grams 5.4 grams
Salt 0.02 grams 0 grams
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Storage: Dry and not too hot and not with products with strong odors.
Best before: See date stamp on the top of the package.
Customer contact:
Manufactured by: Crispy Food A/S, Gasvej 3, 4900 Nakskov,



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Vægt 1 kg
Størrelse 14 × 7 × 25 cm

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